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                  Red Hook Terminals

                     Port Freeport Texas

Located in Port Freeport, Texas, Red Hook Terminals began operations in 2015 providing terminal and stevedoring services for Hoegh Autoliners after working jointly to create a new RoRo facility in Port Freeport designed and built from the ground up to support GM and other OEM's in the region.   Today Red Hook Terminals continues to provide stevedoring and terminal services for multiple RoRo ocean carriers including NYK, Hyundai Glovis, Sallaum Lines and Liberty Global.  The state of the art 60 plus acre auto port and processing facility, now operated by Horizon Terminal Services, a subsidiary of Amports, Inc, after purchasing the business in 2020 from Hoegh Autoliners, continues to be the leading auto port and processing facility in the region. Red Hook Terminals is proud to be a leading service provider to Amports, Inc., and our Ocean Carrier customers in Port Freeport, Texas.

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