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     Terminal Directory

        Executive Offices

      Red Hook Container Terminal

                   Brooklyn, NY

     Red Hook Barge/RoRo                        Terminal

          Port Newark, NJ

Mr. Michael Stamatis
President and CEO

Mr. Eric Seal
 973-522-0999 x268

Mr. Del Bobish
   EVP/General Manager
718-875-0777 x 221

Mr. Tom Griffith
       EVP/Director of Operations
973-522-0999 x 

  Mr. Joseph Abbate
         EVP/Director of RoRo Operations
718-875-0777 x 270


                      Mr. Noe Rosales
                 Information Technology
                    718-875-0777 x 256

                   Mr. Manuel Arocho
                   Mr. Alex Ramirez
               Accounting / Procurement
                718-875-0777 x 222/227
                    Mr. Patrick Kinsella
                      Cranes & Barges
                       973-522-0999 x 275


Mr. David Mineo Jr.
Terminal Operations Manager
 718-875-0777 x 231

Mr. John Agro
718-875-0777 x

Mr. Joseph Holland
Customs Warehouse Manager

718-875-0777 x 236

Delivery Office
Mr. Chris Steros - Chief Delivery Clerk
Ms. Joanne Newson - Delivery 

718-875-0777 x 209/210

Receiving Office
Ms. Carrie Adaila - Chief Receiving Clerk
Ms. Louanne Antonello - Receiving Clerk
718-875-0777 x 200/201

Vessel Planner
Mr. Joseph Monte
718-875-0777 x 215


Mr. Tom Vroman
Terminal Operations Manager
 973-522-0999 x 277

Mr. Eric Solar
RoRo Operations Manager
973-522-0999 x 229

Mr. Dan Winograd

FSO/MSO Superintendent
  973-522-0999 x 225

Ms. Paty Cisneros
Customer Service Manager
973-522-0999 x 217

Ms. Isabel Calderon
Customer Service
973-522-0999 x 228

Ms. Cristina Stamatis
Customer Service
973-522-0999 x 226

Ms. Jill Wrede
Customer Service
973-522-0999 x 219

    Red Hook ConRo Terminal

              Freeport, Texas

Ms. Robin Langseth
Terminal Operations Manager

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